The ten considerations for new and experiences Internet Business Café entrepreneurs

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

The Information Communication Telecommunication (ICT) problems in Developing Countries are almost the same. The lack of infrastructure, high cost internet access and human recourse. The matters above create a new problem, digital divide.

Digital divide mean imbalance between town people and rural area people, chance to access information, especially from internet. The Government try to decrease the Digital Divide through working together with stake holders.

The existing of Internet Cafés have important role to help decreasing the problem, although they must think the business side, cash flow money and excellent services to their customers. There are few strategies that Internet cafes entrepreneurs must do in order to give excellent services to their costumers. We also give suggestions for new Internet Café entrepreneurs.

1. Choosing location

The new Internet café entrepreneurs must think  the location that the Internet Café will build. The dense population not guarantee, your Internet Café will be visited peoples. We should know the majority education of the people background, job, and age. Take survey first before build the business, is wise solution. You can also visit the government site, to look at the people data and information.

Choosing the strategies location is wise, as near school, campus or boarding house.

2. Human recourse

    We must have potential human recourse, as knowing network management, server management, internet content and others technique problems in this business. Few developing countries have pornography regulations. The purpose of the regulations, to avoid mental disorder for young generations.

Few developing countries block pornography sites to be accessed, as China and Indonesia. China has great wall virtual to prevent their people to access pornography sites and others sites that  had been banned by government.

Indonesia has not made the Internet Café regulation yet, so that the Internet entrepreneur must banned the pornography sites and not give pornography film as service.

3. Local culture

Consider and learn the local culture before building Internet Café business. Rural culture is complicated, if you never pay attention about this. It will impact to your business.

The religion people back ground, wise to recommend to religion sites. The Industry center people, recommend to marketing site, blogging site for creating blog, strategies internet marketing products, design products and others. The administrator know more about site content, help customers. Make your Internet Café business will be visited by varieties people back ground.

4. Competitive in service is better than price

The Internet Café entrepreneur must give excellent service to the customers, as  better place, secure place and nice monitor. The customers like LCD monitor than CRT monitor now days, because LCD monitor more comfortable than CRT.

Do not increase the price although the access higher than others, cause it will impact to your business cash flow.

5. Consider to use open source software

 Be consider to use open software, as Linux, cause more efficient than using license software. Linux has familiar performance to your customers, cause Linux has software standard as browser, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC.

6. The Internet Café Business must have license from the Government.

The most important think to do for Internet business café, have license from local government. The license will give you chance and trusted for asking  soft loan from the Bank and networking to the local government and vendor.

7. Joining Internet Café business Association.

The new or experiences Internet Café business entrepreneurs should join the Association that has been exist in your local area. You will find network over there, sharing experiences and problems with the same professions, including others purposes.

8. Identity cards and log activity for customers.

9. Avoid to build Internet café business in rural area.

Generally rural area is lack of infrastructure even no infrastructure than town area.  Be wise to build Internet Café business in area, have not or lack infrastructure, cause you will spent high capital to build it. Finally the customers will be got highest cost for access. It will impact to your cash flow business and your customers will run. 

10. Give a simple training to your new customers.

Using Internet comparison few countries in Asia.

Singapore    66,3 %

Malaysia       47,8 %

Brunei           33,5 %

Vietnam        19,4 %

Indonesia        8,9 %

Give simple training how to use internet becoming your task, if you want your customers grow. Give good service and do not forget to ask them come back to your café.      


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