The Internet as the new yellow pages

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

Used to be when the home furnace went down, home owners picked up a big heavy yellow book and flipped through several pages until they found the repair guy they wanted. Phone companies made huge side profits on advertising in the yellow pages, and people clamored for the top spot in that book.

Today, for the most part, the yellow pages have gone by the wayside and people are turning to the Internet for their service and product needs, and things haven’t changed much. Businesses are clamoring for the top spots in search engine rankings just like they clamored for the top spot in the yellow pages.

The main difference between the Internet and the yellow pages comes down to how one achieves that top ranking. A business can not simply throw money at the problem. Certainly, a company could go out and purchase a pay-per-click ad which will show up around the borders of search engine results, but consumer research shows that eighty percent of Web-users don’t even bother to look at the pay-per-click ads. Now more than ever, search engine optimization is a vital commodity in today’s Internet marketing world. Any site must be designed with search engine optimization in mind.

Naturally created and cultured top listings on a search engine are preferable to pay-per-click ads. Top ranked listings, normally on the very first page of a search, prove to the consumer the legitimacy and relevancy of a site, which in turn generates more web traffic than if a site was listed on page two or page six of a search.

Search engine optimization can be a complicated endeavor though. Google and Yahoo and other popular search engines keep their search logarithms as propriety information. Throwing a few key words into the web site or utilizing meta-tags can only get one so far with search engine optimization.

It is absolutely critical that a web site’s search engine optimization be well thought out and planned. Search engine optimization is a delicate balance of key words, meta-tags, and quality links back to a site as well as the use of search engine submissions. Search engine optimization needs constant attention and maintenance so a site does not loose that top ranking. The ideas, concepts, and theories behind search engine optimization are more of a fine-spun art form rather than a step-by-step how-to guide.

Because search engine optimization is a time-consuming, heart-felt endeavor, many businesses opt to hire third party search engine optimization experts. A good example of an experienced, innovative search engine optimization company would be Bergstrom SEO.

Bergstrom’s experience and expertise in the field of search engine optimization can bolt a web site’s ranking from last listing on the tenth page to top listing on the first page, which in turn can not only create more traffic for a web site, but also generate more dollars for the web site’s company.

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