The 4 Best Internet Business Ideas!Use Twitter and Facebook To Drive Residual Traffic

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

When you have a planned presence in these two social media sites, your best internet business ideas get the contacts very economically, i.e. when you write something once, the system handles the contacts and keep your presentation in front of the eyes of all other people.

1. The Key: Do It Once, But Do It Professionally!

This the rule. When you plan, what you write and how you write, the quality of the information stays on a high level. Thus your best internet business gets the maximum results from these two and hot social sites.

You will get help for your thinking from your internet business plan. Actually these sites should be a part of that, because what these are, they are the promotion mediums for your best internet business ideas and this means that you must do these promotions correctly.

2. Build Related Groups. They Are Crucial Ones.

There are some basic things, like the usage of the internet business keywords, but maybe the most important thing is to build or to join the related groups. These groups include people, who have the same interests, than you have.

So when they click your link and enter your best internet business ideas site, it is obvious that they will buy something. However, these groups are mostly for brand building through the useful posts.

This is key. So you have to be present often enough and to try to help people with useful tips. In this respect, these sites do not differ from the marketing forums. The biggest difference comes from the fact, that there is a lot more potential in the social sites.

3. Twitter Is Quicker, Facebook Has More Content.

Yes, Twitter offers a real quick way to share information and to give response to others. This you have to take into account, when you plan the usage of this medium to promote your best internet business ideas. In Facebook you can write more content and it is somehow more serious way to share it.

4. You Can Establish A Customer Care Center On Facebook Or Twitter.

If you run your best internet business ideas like me, you are the only worker. This means that the time and energy is limited and you have to use it wisely. What is more effective, than to make the social sites to do it for you.

For instance most prospects and customers have the same questions about your internet business. So you can easily establish a group and to share the questions and answers there. What is even better is, that people can help each other.

This is important, because usually people want the answers quickly and when these sites work all the time without breaks, people from different time zones can get the responses almost in real time. And, these question and answer groups are a very effective way for the marketing of your best internet business ideas.

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