Starting A Home Business Could Be The Best Thing You Ever Do – But Do Your Homework!

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

So you are considering starting a home business and you have been looking at the vast array of opportunities out there, but which one do you go for?  Do you go for the first one you see or do you carry on researching the thousands of programmes and opportunities with all their HYPE about unimaginable wealth, fancy cars, yachts and constant holidays?

Starting a home business can be very exciting and it can enable you to achieve your financial goals and time freedom.  Becoming your own boss is a great feeling and it is not hard to see why so many people look for such opportunities allowing them to work from home.  When you start your work from home business you need to be sure that you are on the right track.  You also want to be able to see strong profit and growth from your on-line or home based business.

Like any business, they right and wrong ways of getting established.  An unfortunate fact is that 99% of home business ventures fail. This is not because a lack of trying on the part of the person trying to change their life, but because of a lack of training and support from their sponsor or mentor.

Let’s be honest, how many people would be able to set up a home based or online business from scratch without any help or support?  My guess would be not many and the statistics seem to back this up.

That’s not to say that you should disregard any online business or home based business opportunity.  On the contrary! You simply need to know what to look for and do your homework.  This will enable you to spot the genuine opportunities from the, dare I say it, ‘scams’.

Here are some tips on what to look for when researching a work from home business opportunity:

1) – Find a mentor – If your business is going to be successful, this is crucial!  You need someone that is going to keep you on the right track, who will listen to your needs and who has a genuine interest in YOUR success.  As I mentioned earlier, the majority of people fail simply because they do not get the help, support and mentoring that is required to be successful.

2) – Talk To People That Are Already Successful – These people have been there, done that and no doubt bought the T-Shirt.  They know what works and what doesn’t.  These guys don’t go round trying to re-invent the wheel, so why should you?  The beauty of ALL home based business opportunities is that they can be duplicated.  Copy what the successful have been doing, it works for them – it will work for you too!

3) – Systems Work – People Fail – It’s A FACT!  If you are serious about making a life changing income then you need a legitimate business system in place that will enable you to realise your goals.  The wealthiest tycoons and entrepreneurs in the World all use systems to get things done.  These guys all know and understand the 2 biggest keys to success – LEVERAGE & OUTSOURCING.  Leveraging the power of a business system and assigning specific tasks to others, you achieve a lot more a lot quicker!  This in turn gives you the chance to do more, therefore getting to where you want to be faster!  Finding a business system that is proven and does the hard work for you is vital if you are to be successful.

4) – No Personal Selling or Telling – No one likes to give people the hard sell, I know I certainly don’t!  Make sure that you have access to a team of professionals who can do the selling and telling for you.  These guys will take the pressure away from you and close your sales, allowing you to concentrate on generating the sales for your business.  A huge factor that is often over-looked by those who want to start their own business is having that back up there and knowing that someone is working for you, closing your sales.  Can you imagine having to deal with every single phone call and enquiry from your business?

5) – Go With Your Instinct – If you feel good about something you are already half way there.  Learn to follow your instinct.  We all know when something does not feel right.  If you are unable to get a straight answer about the business then you know there is something not quite right.  It should become apparent if someone is not interested in helping you or if they are just trying to sell you something.  There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who are praying on the vulnerable – Don’t become another victim!

These tips will help you decide which ventures are genuine and which are not.  Follow the advice you receive here and you will get a much needed kickstart for your home based business.  Remember, Do Your Homework!

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