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Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

Premier Financial Debt Help is a debt settlement company which provides you a debt settlement program that reduces your debt overheads. They work with consumers that may be experiencing debt problems to help them resolve their debts quickly. They negotiate settlement plans with creditors in order to reduce payment amounts by 50% or more and help consumers be completely debt free in 12-36 months. Try our unparalleled credit card debt settlement and debt relief services to avoid bankruptcy problems and complicated consolidation processes.

Our credit card debt settlement professionals create a unique debt settlement program so the consumer can pay his or her debts off in an affordable fashion, through a payment schedule that is practical and effective. They will work within the legal system to eliminate debt and negotiate with your creditors to lower or remove certain part of the debt, including negotiating interest rates for debt payment, monthly installment, eliminating debt etc.

For debt negotiation, Premier Financial Debt Help contacts creditors and directs all communication away from the consumer to the Debt Center. This limits the amount of interaction the consumer has with the creditor and allows him to focus on saving to pay off the debt. On behalf of the consumer, the company then starts negotiation with the creditors to settle debts. After which, consumer would make consistent monthly deposits in the savings account in order to be successful in this debt relief program.

Once a debt settlement with a creditor has been finalized, Premier Financial Debt Help will send the client notification for approval. The consumer gives its approval and sends the agreed upon settlement amount from the bank account to the creditor. After which a paid or settled notification is send by the creditors to the credit bureau. This process repeats every month until all the debt is paid.

Our professionally trained staff will work with your creditors to get your balances as low as possible. An expert from our team will always be on hand to answer any questions regarding the debt help program and will follow-up with you every month as you go through the program. You can sign into an online interface to review your debt relief program progress daily.

Instead of continuing to pay many huge bills each month, you will start making one low monthly payment. Premier Financial Debt Help will get it to an amount you can cope with, and those monthly payment will be put into an FDIC insured trust account, where it will work to satisfy your debts. Within 1 to 2 years of starting a debt settlement plan, you can expect to settle your debts, eliminate all your credits and become debt free through a payment plan you can live with.

So, to decrease your debt burden and avoid bankruptcy problems, avail our credit card debt settlement program and regain the control back in you’re life. Our debt relief experts are experienced in dealing with debt situations and give their best efforts to offer you all possible consumer debt settlement solutions. Using our debt negotiation programs ensures special benefits which are not available otherwise and you are under no obligation whatsoever as this Debt Settlement consultation service is completely free.

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