Rare Saving Money Tips Revealed – Expert Finance and Money Budgeting Techniques

Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

Once you learn how money works – and start to take charge of your own finances – you’ll truly appreciate the profitability of the saving money tips I reveal. Make your money work for you in as many ways as possible. With just a little effort, you’ll reap huge benefits over time. And contrary to common belief you do not need huge amount of money to make money. Actually to use saving money tips is the same as earning money because you end up with more money which you would not have had otherwise.

Make your money work harder. Do not keep savings in a cheque account. Rather, channel all extra cash into an account that will earn you interest. Get the best deal – compare the interest rates on savings, money market and fixed deposit accounts, also take the various fees into consideration. You could also consider retail bonds, which are very secure and carry no risk.

Avoid debt – start budgeting. Get rid of all your credit cards, or keep just one and pay the whole amount owing every month. Try to save up for expensive items like furniture and fridges and pay for them full, as the total cost can be twice as much when interest is included. You will probably need a mortgage to buy a house and car, but you’ll save exponentially more by putting down as large a deposit as you can afford.

Tailor your telephone package. Work out whether the rental and other costs of a landline really make it cheaper than bulking up your cell phone contract. If not, cancel the landline. Go through your past cell phone bills to make sure your package fits your calling patterns, and your pocket. You might get a lower call rate if you’re a frequent caller, or opt for a cheaper package if you’re not.

Money budgeting – Track your spending. It is very important to budget. Spend two minutes a day recording your expenditure over a few months, to check out all your cash leakages. Record them on a spreadsheet and then try to avoid all, or at least some, of them.

Sassy spending to save money. Buy summer gear at the start of winter, and vice versa, when it is cheaper, or opt for seasonal sales and thrift stores. Buy clothes at the flea markets found in all large cities, or factory shops.  When you want to buy something expensive, wait a week to see if the urge remains. However, if you deprive yourself too much you’ll end up splurging. Set aside some “fun money” to spend on the activities you enjoy most.

Save on snacks and drinks. Make your own coffee at home, rather than buying take-aways. Make your own lunch. Buy some delicious ingredients, to make lunch an enjoyable experience. Being frugal can be fun, too.

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