Pitfalls to Avoid With a Work at Home Business

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

You quit your day job and are ready to delve into an easy work at home business. It is a piece of cake to work at home and not have to deal with corporate rules or office politics, right? While working from home does give you a newfound sense of freedom and relieves you of problems associated with working for someone else, it too can be tricky. There are some pitfalls of owning your own business and working at home.

1. Poor budgeting skills. Budgeting for a home based business is difficult because there is no guarantee for income. You can’t pay bills and spend money from your business account hoping that next week or next months will bring in better results. Another common problem with budgeting is spending too much or not enough money on advertising. You have to strike a balance to get word out about your business and get more sales without breaking the bank.

2. Expecting overnight success. Some people are under the misconception that the minute their business goes live on the Internet that they will be swamped with business and the money will start flowing in immediately. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Work at home businesses take time to develop and grow. Steer clear of anyone who promises a get rich quick scheme or overnight success. These are just tactics to get you excited to sign up with them and make them more money.

3. Not researching enough. Some things need to be done before you can start a work at home business. Discovering your niche and finding out who your target audience is need top be researched. Knowing the demand for your product or services is also important. Strengthen your business from the get go by doing research in advance.

4. Poor choice of product. Choosing a product that is difficult to sell because there is no demand for it, a product that is of poor quality or one that makes very little profit can ruin a work at home business. The future of your business is dependant on your product and customer service. Your business will suffer if either of these is lacking.

5. Not having clearly set goals. Every business needs a game plan. You need a list of clear cut goals for your work at home business to map out your success. Winging it is not necessarily the best way to go as far as business practices.

6. Having trouble separating work and home life. It’s late, you need to put dinner on the table, get the kids to bed and finish the laundry. The only thing is you still have work to do. Finding balance between work and home life can be a challenge for work at home business owners.

7. Quitting your day job too soon. Quitting your day job before securing enough income from your home based business can prove to be a big mistake, especially if you depend on your job for health insurance, stock options, retirement benefits or other company perks.

The truth is that one third of small businesses fail within the first two years. You can avoid being a part of this statistic by being prepared and avoiding common pitfalls associated with work at home businesses.

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