Personal Debt Consolidation Loan Uk: Opt for One Instalment

Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

The concept of Personal Debt Consolidation Loan is ‘to take one loan to pay off several loans running simultaneously’. The amount of loan is normally sufficient to clear off all the existing loans. This gives borrower some sort of relaxation in making the repayment.

Why Personal Debt Consolidation Loan

In case of a debt consolidation loan, it becomes quite easy to pay one instalment once a month. Next, the several individual loans become costly in term of interest rate. So, the borrower saves due to lower interest rate. So, in simple terms, a debt consolidation loan simply transforms a number of loans into a single loan.

Consumers in debt who own property such as a home or car may get a lower rate through a secured loan using their property as collateral. Due to this collateral, personal debt consolidation loans have cheaper interest rates owing to reduced risk for lender. There are lenders who accept even unsecured loans but in this case the loan amount remains quite low due to increased risk for lenders and rates are incremented to negate the risks. A personal debt consolidation loan offers the following advantages:

? Reduced monthly repayment.

? Improvement in credit record

? Cut off the interest you pay

? One payment instead of several monthly payments

While checking the profile, lender looks at various factors such as the current amount of outstanding loans, credit history, source of income etc in order to disburse these loans.

The key factors in evaluating a prospective borrower of personal debt consolidation loans are

• Amount required

• Credit history

• Payment duration

• Any collateral

• Source of income

The competition among lenders drives them to compromise on some of these parameters and one can bargain a good deal if he is aware of the variations .Internet can be a feasible medium for achieving this.


Personal debt consolidation loan UK stacks up numerous debts into one .This way you draw many benefits as mentioned. And apart from them lenders don’t encroach in the expenditure arena. Moreover tranquillity of mind is the pleasant by product.

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