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Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

Olympic champion, is the hotspot this year, the same, also this year’s hot financial topics. Talia will have a combination to what kind of subject?

Liaoning were only so few Olympic champions, after the Olympics have left the line of sight of media attention, after gold was mostly unknown life, in order to let more people know them, we shot the interview on gave them permission.

Stock and property markets rise and fall to focus attention on financial management, to focus attention on the day who is better off, who’s point of view and allow the public to accept. Global financial turmoil, but also to financial management over to a live subject. Now, everyone is deeply felt cold financial winter, the Olympic champion who is no exception. Olympic champion won in the end how much money I’m afraid no one will tell you straightforward, but they will tell you how the financial management.

Recent days, newspaper reporter interviewed a number of Beijing Olympic Games Olympic champion Liao Ji and his family, asking them to talk about their life after the Olympics, and how to manage money, how to live out their days. Some of them admitted he was “born no sense of economy”; some personal financial management is still in the primitive accumulation stage, talking about financial topics have their own views, but also worth studying.

In addition, the Olympics, many athletes become their own nuclear families or in combination, or thinking about having children. Reported in this group, we will introduce you to the families of Olympic champion Liaoning membership and their families in understanding and views, and let more readers know them.

Zhang Ning: the sports car has been sold

2004 and 2008 Olympic Games in women’s badminton singles champion Zhang Ning in the game imposing directions, but in the personal finance area, quite self-knowledge of Zhang Ning has admitted he was “born no sense of economy.”

Only count a 08 Olympic bonus, Zhang Ning’s revenue is about 1.5 million yuan, a financial planner recommended Ning investment allocation of this money as follows: 40% deposit, 30% short-term financial products, bond 20% of the Fund, money market funds or savings deposit of 10%, Zhang Ning to adopt most of this proposal, “now I have purchased small part of the funds and fixed income bonds, the rest of the money in the bank.”

As for the high-risk stock investments, Zhang Ning and no time to study simply did not want to touch, “in 2006, when I heard friends say that stocks and funds are making money, but did not try, or put money in the bank feel more safe . I do not want investment, but the overall feel of high-yield must be accompanied by high risk, or risk a lower degree of financial products better suited to me. ”

This relatively sound financial thinking to Zhang Ning, the accumulation of personal wealth while easing up, she had bought a house at the Dalian has been a sharp rise.

Defending Olympic champion for his painting career after a full stop, Zhang Ning’s personal time have become more than ever, she is also prepared to find time to learn the knowledge of financial management, “Everybody living in this world, must be dealing with the economy now than before my time enough, and this knowledge is indeed some of the more than supplementary. not the words of the old saying ‘you do not finance, financial ignore you’ do? ”


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