Making Money Online – How to Find Topics For Info-products That Sell Fast?

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

A Review of Alexis Dawes’ “Desperate Buyers Only”

The reason why most people fail to make money online by creating info-products is that they do not know the techniques of searching the problems that keep nagging people all the time.

The best way to write the e-books that people will buy is to follow the footsteps of someone who is already making money successfully writing them. It is no use wasting time reinventing the wheel.

There are hordes of ‘gurus’ who just rehash and re-mash the stale information gleaned from the internet and present it in bold red and blue words in their sales letters to entice the tired and unsuspecting people and deprive them of their hard earned money.

I have myself been duped quite a number of times by the tall claims of such gurus. So might have been you too.

The question is:

Who is qualified to guide on how to write information reports that make money fast?

The best person is some one who has the knack of searching problems that afflict people and make them desperate for solutions.

Alexis Dawes is one such person.

Who is Alexis Dawes?

A single mom and an info-product entrepreneur, Alexis Dawes refuses to follow the age old wisdom of writing only on subjects that she is passionate about believing that the money will follow.

Her recommendation for choosing the topics for the info-products has nothing to do with “Doing What You Love”. The topic that you love to write most may have already saturated the market.

Let us face the harsh reality about making money online. Internet searchers may not be interested in what you love.

Alexis Dawes is honest enough to admit that instead of writing about the things she enjoys, she writes “on how to solve very specific, very difficult to solve problems.”

She, therefore, searches out the dreadful problems that people are desperate about and provides solutions through her reports and e-books.

Alexis Dawes, has created an ultimate guide for creating e-books and short reports which focus on finding the markets where buyers are faced with desperate problems and want instant solutions. The cost for the solution is immaterial to them.

These topics alone can help you make money on the internet.

Imagine a person drowning and flailing his hands wildly for help!

Or, hanging precariously down a cliff!

Or, yelling with piercing pain because a thorn is deeply entrenched in his back!

Or, a person who badly needs a house but is hard for cash even for making the down payment!

How grateful would they feel if a help was offered?

Would they ask for the price or like to bargain?

These are the dream situations for info-product creators.

These buyers, according to Alexis, do not bother about the volume of the reports or e-books; they just plain want solutions to their problems irrespective of the size of the reports.

Alexis Dawes'”Desperate Buyers Only” is a blue print for turning on the cash flow for marketers who are thirsty for such problems.

Introductory chapters

The book starts by discussing the problem of choosing the topics that attract buyers like bees to the honey.

Alexis, herself, once faced such a problem. It was about “How to get a bank account if you have been placed in the Chex Systems.”

She researched hard left and right to arrive at the solution. She contacted friends, experts and insiders and finally came up with a truly insider’s report on obtaining a checking account.

The “solution” by its very nature is never long. It is usually short and simple.

Those who have no real solutions for their reports just pad them with pages after pages of irrelevant stuff. This is sure way to disrepute and failure.

Alexis’s report comprised of just 6 pages and took her only one hour to write. It was priced at .95, too high indeed, but it has been selling like hot cakes.

To quote her:

“If you have a problem that’s making your stomach churn day and night,causing you to lose sleep, get into arguments with your significant other,

lose/gain weight, or just plain worry endlessly – it’s a serious issue. You want a solution, and you want it quickly.”

That is the type of audience you should search for. That is the type of audience who is willing to pay any amount for your e-book or report once they are convinced that it contains the solutions that they are desperate about.

She is the one whose footsteps we should follow.

Why do most info-product creators fail?

According to her, most info-product creators fail due to 3 main reasons-

 They focus on general topics They focus on what are perceived to be ‘hot niches’ They try to follow the hallowed approach of writing on topics that they are passionate about believing that the money will follow automatically.

Alexis asks her readers to forget their passions in choosing the topics. If writing about passions alone could bring in success there was no need to spend so much money and time grappling with keyword research tools to find out the niches or keywords that are searched most.

Desperate Buyers Only” is for those online marketers who want to make money by creating information reports but are wandering like lost souls in the immense jungle called internet.

It will guide you about choosing the topics that have immense sales potential even though they may be boring and dry.

We do not entirely agree with Alexis Dawes

Though Alexis may have a solid reason in recommending that we should ignore our passions, it cannot be denied that in the long run the most successful marketers are those who write about what they are passionate about. This approach may take long time and patience to succeed.

Unfortunately most people lose their patience and perseverance as they wait for the results. So the ideal course would be to try to combine your passion with the profits. You have to choose the topic that you love most and which is capable of making money as well.

Choosing the right topic is the greatest challenge especially for newbies in the internet marketing.

Here are certain important questions that she answers in her book.

1. How to find desperate buyers?

According to the author there are 13 groups of people who are hard pressed with urgent problems that are driving them crazy for solutions.

These are people who are

 Facing legal challenges such as foreclosures,  Desperate about how to lose weight,  Facing divorce suits and so on.

Alexis goes a great length in describing each type of situation in such a way that you can develop an empathy with the type of audience you want to create your reports for.

2. How to choose websites related to the group you have selected?

These are sites or forums which your chosen audience is browsing through. Alexis provides valuable clues about how she herself finds such sites. She also recommends that you outsource this research explaining how to go about it.

3.How to isolate the root problems in your chosen group?

You have to study the habits, conversations and language of your potential audience in these discussion groups or forums. This step will help you to find out what they are discussing most, what questions they are asking; in short what they are desperate about.

This is the place where the money lies.

4.How to find what pains them most?

Once you have isolated the desperate problems of your audience, you should try to understand the psychology underlying the problems.

Alexis provides a list of 9 acute psychological needs that torment people most.

You have to find out which need you can provide most help about. The need you can help about may be about finding a job, reducing the weight, eliminating the nauseating odor from the house and so on.

Traffic and Marketing

Alexis recommends finding the hottest key words from the WordTracker and buying traffic for them. This, according to her, is the real deal maker.

Teaching by example

She cites a practical example of buying the cheapest traffic by using Google Ad Words to promote her 6-page report on obtaining a checking account.

She spends a ridiculous a month on an average on her Ad Word campaign in Google. Here’s a breakdown of her daily numbers:

Price per click: $ .04

Daily: .00-.00

Click thru ratio (the # of times her ad’s are clicked on compared to the number of times it’s shown): 5%-30%

Number of sales: 1-3 sales a day.

The report sells for .95 and she is making an average of 0-to-0 a day in a market.

This is despite the competition from those sites that freely offer lists of 100+ non ChexSystem banks and also run their ads side by side to her Ad Word listings every, every single day.

Besides this she uses the following methods to get traffic to her sites:

Buying classified ads especially by registering with USFree Ads

Affiliate Marketing

She relies heavily on affiliate marketing. Her approach to affiliate marketing is different from others. She recommends that only those persons should sell her book who purchase and read it. And this is how it should actually be. You cannot recommend a product without knowing anything about it.

Article Marketing

Though there is noting new in this approach, but here too Alexis tells that mere broadcasting articles does not make much difference in sales. You have to choose the right keywords that relate to the buyers’

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