Loans To Consolidate Debt – Avoiding Unreliable Companies

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

There are many debt consolidation companies in the world.

Unfortunately, they are not all reliable. Some of these companies actually act in a shark-like manner that does nothing for the debtor other than make their debt worse. The need to find a reputable company is very real and there are several methods of locating one.

Aurora Lillo Editor of the “Best Debt Consolidation Services” website — — pointed out;


“…The three top ways to determine a legitimate company are as follows: social security information, unnecessary personal information requirements, excessive interest rates and fees. When it comes down to it there is a simple acid test for unreliable company determination. Little things such as saying there is no credit check required but the company still asks for a social security number. This is a blatant sign of a lack of reliability…”

The only reasons for a company to require a social security number are for tax purposes, checking an individual’s credit report, and in some cases a criminal background check. It is still suspicious that a company would ask for this information when a credit check was called unnecessary however.

In the same vein as a social security number confusion is the desire for too much personal information. A company asking for too much personal information might not be unreliable but they are still a hassle to work with. Avoid them if you can. The final reason some might consider a company to be unreliable is excessive or hidden fees and interest rates. Companies that have a lot of fine print involved in pricing are to be avoided.

“…There are many companies that require none of these three items. A loan to consolidate debts should not be a hassle, it should be a freeing experience. Avoid these companies and focus on the ones that really want to help while benefiting both themselves and the borrower…” added A. Lillo.

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