Job Description For a Financial Manager Position

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

Knowing the job description for any job position that you are applying for is essential in any job hunting venture. Job descriptions are typically posted in the job posting that you saw or received. Typically, these job descriptions should include the responsibilities that the position have and the qualifications that it entails. For this article, the responsibilities and the qualifications for a position as a financial manager is briefly discussed.

Financial managers, as the name suggests are primarily responsible in coordinating and directing the financial activities of the workers in a company department, branch or office. Financial managers are usually needed in branches of banks, insurance or credit department and brokerage firms. There are three primary objectives that a financial manager should always have in mind and these are: (1) to be able to direct the financial transactions of employees and make sure that they are well coordinated; (2) to reject or approve credit lines with regards to various transactions such as real estate or commercial and (3) credit lines with regards to loans for personal use.

Apart from the mentioned primary responsibilities, having an up-to-date record of the financial transactions of the company is also a part of his responsibilities. He must analyze this information to be able to assess the current state of the company and make projections of where the company will and should stand in the future. Through these projections, he should be able to decide on who among the clients should be approved or declined of a loan. He must also ensure that the records and financial documents that he possesses are carefully kept and that a proper procedure should always be followed in obtaining such documents. Apart from analyzing the said information, he must be able to relate all these information to the company, and give advice with regards to company decisions to ensure a raise of profit. Evaluating the results based on the investments or risks that the company undertakes is also a part of a financial managers job. There are several duties that a financial manager must be able to do depending on the type of office or department where he is needed. Generally however, his job has to do with loans, insurance, banks and managing people.

Thus, some of the essential qualifications that he must possess include expertise in accounting and economics, experience in banking and making financial reports and analysis of data. He should also have knowledge on management and business since his job entails planning for the future and coordinating people. Leadership and techniques on decision making are also very essential qualities that he must possess. Apart from those mentioned, having mathematics skill such as arithmetic and accounting would definitely make the task at hand easier. Good writing skills should also be evident and lastly, he should be able to know and fully understand the laws regarding business, loans and legal codes or ethics. Primary technicalities for the qualification should include being an accounting or business administration graduate with years of experience preferred.

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