Is Yellow Pages Ireland Useful?

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

The yellow pages Ireland and the golden pages Ireland are business directory categorize according to the services and the products. These are gateway to have all the information about sports, entertainment and all type of information. There are specifically said as the business directory where one gets information about services and products provided on sequential manner. As name resembles, they printed on golden papers and yellow papers traditionally. These are telephone directories which many of us are almost aware of.

With yellow pages and golden pages, you could have personalized services and these could be advantageous. Today they have also taken as form of online business directory pages. Such concept originated in year 1883 when printer working on regular telephone is out of the paper and instead golden and yellow papers used. Since then these came into as a tag line of the business directory. They gained great popularity soon. These are most sought business which is accessed by customers all over world. Being online one can access every kind of information from it. In such business publishers gain by advertising whatever they do which could either online or published on paper. When yellow pages Ireland and golden pages Ireland are printed on the paper then there is column for advertising and publisher get large revenue from such columns. For advertising, businesses has to pay full prior to the printing or pay every month as declared in contract for a year.

Yellow Pages and Golden Pages could be found online with numerous search sites. These sites are ways to look up name and the address of owner of any of the phone number. These sites allow someone to trace the phone number. It is a lot easier and quicker way to do quick search. Like some major search engines, Yellow Pages and golden pages also allow you for reverse look up for phone number as well. There are several directory companies which allow using their websites and conducting reverse phone number lookup for free. Search for telephone number on these provides you with name, address of owner, and the map to an address.

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