Is MLM a Scam? – The Truth About Starting a Home Business

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

Many misled Home Business owners cannot handle the truth or don’t want to hear it! If the person who had recruited you into their network marketing opportunity had told you the truth about what it really takes to start and run a successful home business, you probably would have hung up the phone.

Many disgruntled people that have been burned in MLM may think it is a scam. But if you look at it from a business perspective it is not a scam.

It is direct selling and recruiting. It is selling not sharing!

The scam is the way many so called experts and company training systems lead people to believe that they have a simple, easy to follow, program that anyone can do. Then they march out the big $ $ earners to tell people that they can do it too.

No where in all this hype did anyone bother to teach the people how to truly run a home business. They are simply looking for distributors and the more the merrier.

The truth is that if you really want to make money in MLM, you can, but not by doing it their way.

One of the most often asked questions in network marketing circles is WHY do you want to start a home business.

As you search for your perfect home business opportunity, you will hear this question again and again. Let me make the answer simple and to the point. To Make Money! Any person that opens a new business, whether it is from their home, a warehouse, or in a strip mall, does it to make money. Why else would you start a business?

Why then, do most network marketers lose money month after month and continue to do what is not working?

It may be because the person that sponsored them and the company they are representing don’t really care if they make money as long as they continue to stay on autoship and continue to use the so called proven system to recruit others that will probably fail.

This cycle has continued for years because there is an endless supply of people looking to improve their lives by working from home. Good, honest, and hard working people looking for something better in their lives that deserve to be told the truth about what it takes to work from home and be successful..

Do You Really Hear The Truth In Those Hotel Meetings?

What if you were invited to a hotel with 100 other opportunity seekers and the guest speaker opened his presentation by saying “Ninety Five of you in this room will never make a dime with this opportunity and will fail in your attempt to start and run a home business.” Would you still pull out your credit card and join? The fact is, that 95% of Network Marketers will fail and it doesn’t have to be this way.

That is the reality of Network Marketing and Home Business today and too many people will be sold a bill of goods about how easy it is to make big money by using a proven system. A system that is designed to make a few top people and the company rich.

They will not be told that in order to create a profitable home business you must learn how to run it like a business and not just be a distributor for the MLM company you joined pushing their outdated system and sales pitches. The problem lies in the fact that these companies do not teach you how to run a home business. They teach you how to be a distributor for their company.

Make sure the person is actually honest with you and tells you exactly what it takes to create a profitable home business. Make sure they tell you how to run your home business even if you have no prior experience?

Are you one of the many people out there that has what it takes to roll up your sleeves and learn the art of running a profitable home business?

Take the time and learn the basics knowing that it takes time to turn a profit.

Ignore all the sales hype out there that claims instant riches with no work using their proven system.

Or, are you just looking for an easy way out of your current situation? Are you looking for the easy money system that will solve all your problems with a small investment and little work? If you are one of those people, good luck. They don’t exist and you will go broke trying to find one.

Before you can expect to run a successful home business that is truly yours, you must first realize the Lies Currently Being Told. If you want to start a home business in network marketing and want to know the truth about what it takes and an actual training program that teaches you how to run a home business you must be willing to search until you find one.

Be smart, beware, and Good luck!

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