Internet Business Productivity: The Step Most Business Owners Forget

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

While each of us strives to make our Internet business productive, most experienced Internet marketers agree that there’s no magic pill and no one way of proceeding that is guaranteed to work every time. Developing productive habits takes time and effort. Finding the habits that work best for you is a matter of trial and selection.

Still, there is one factor that holds true for anyone who wants to become more productive. It’s something you need to do even before you start setting goals or placing ads for your Internet business. Those who don’t take this step, frequently never get back to it once the effort of running their business takes over, and often, it was never carefully considered in the first place.

This “secret” step is what gets you up in the morning ready to roll, and it comes to your rescue when you find yourself struggling to make progress, or feeling discouraged because your Internet business isn’t taking off as fast as you’d planned.

Finding “Your Reason Why”

That secret is called “Your Reason Why.”  Why you’ve chosen to be in charge of your own income; why you’ve decided to go after your dreams; why you want to have more time with the people you love. It must be an emotionally compelling reason, or you won’t stick to your guns long enough to get your business off the runway and into the air.

Perhaps you’ve heard this before, and if so, hopefully your “Why” is keeping you focused and making your Internet business productive. It’s providing a message-to-market that’s attracting the prospects you’re looking for. If not, you may want to rewrite it or redefine it.

What Really Motivates You?

Does having breakfast with your kids in the morning motivate you? Does knowing you can send your children to the college of their choice get you revved up? Maybe it’s the commute that’s killing you or the boss that’s making you crazy and you just want a chance to taste the freedom of being your own boss? For some folks there’s a pressing need, like being unemployed, or mounting debt. Whatever the reason, it must be more than simply the money. What will the money provide for you? How will it change your life?

Write It Down.

The clarity of your goal is where it all begins. Napoleon Hill called it “definiteness of purpose” in his book Think and Grow Rich. So your goal needs to be definite and clear in your mind — something that you focus on daily.

Without a clearly envisioned goal — one you can taste and smell and feel — you will struggle to have a productive Internet business. All businesses take persistence, focus, and daily development. When you’re the boss, all of those things are up to you.  You can learn to be massively productive, but only if you know exactly what you want to accomplish with your Internet business in the first place.

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Long-term productivity depends on letting nothing stop you or keep you from reaching that wonderful goal you have written down and memorized and that you think about daily. With a purpose in mind, you will build momentum, and the more productive you become, the more results you will see. With each success, your actions will come more easily; you’ll experience faster results and increased productivity.

A good course on how to become more productive (I recommend Eben Pagan’s “Wake Up Productive”) can grease your wheels and make your Internet business machine run faster and smoother, but without the fuel in the engine (your goal and desires) even if the plane gets off the ground, it won’t fly very far.

Do you remember what made you decide to start an Internet business in the first place? Go back to that place and nail down your reasons in writing. Post your mission statement where you can see it. Then get busy making it happen and don’t let anything distract you. This one simple step will increase your business productivity more than anything else you do!

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