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If you are interested in investing in an internet business opportunity it won’t take long before you become overwhelmed by the possible choices you face. There are literally more than a million internet business opportunities available. Due diligence is mandatory; this is not the time to cut corners.

Seriously, who hasn’t at least given passing thought to what it would be like to work from home? Something about that thought conjures up lazy days, doesn’t it? With no boss looking at your hours or your work you can do anything you want, right? Some people even think it’s going to be all day fishing or 36 holes of golf. This might be a TV sitcom but it does not resemble reality.

Anyone who’s successful at this will tell you it is hard work. It’s going to take the same dedication and commitment as your cubicle job does. The difference is that when you own the company you get to set priorities, make critical decisions, manage financial positions, create sales presentations and, let’s be honest… this is the most important thing … work whenever you feel like it, yup, you get to set your own hours.

The Best Internet Business Opportunities

How do people use the web to operate their internet business opportunity?  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate in late 2009 is 10%. We are losing 135,000 payroll jobs per month. The old model of 30 years and a gold watch is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Job security exists only as long as your company does well financially, as soon as there is a slowdown or downturn there goes your job, it’s the first financial statement line item the accountants look at. A year’s salary is a lot of money for a company to save, so employees are cut first.

You need to provide your own job security. The retraining tidal wave of making money online is well underway but still in its infancy. You do not want to pass this up. This is like staking your gold claim in the foothills

The internet business opportunity is the business model for the 21st century. This model is all about education, as was the prior model. You must learn SEO (search engine optimization), network marketing, branding, web site design, hubs, blogs, social bookmarking , PPC (pay per click), CTR (click through rate), and many more methods of advertising that can be very successful in driving traffic to your sales or pre-sales landing pages.

What is the secret to working successfully from home? Is there a formula that guarantees internet business success? I have identified 5 characteristics you should be aware of when deciding on the best internet business opportunity for you.

1.  Legal. Any business you decide to pursue must be legal to engage in. The internet is chock full of internet business opportunities that are not legal. The best way to check the legitimacy of any business is to contact the Better Business Bureau and your State’s Attorney General.


2.       Track Record. As I mentioned above there are no shortage of internet business opportunities. Some of these models are more successful than others. There is always a new nut or berry that promises to make you live to 125. You will need to take risks but there is no need to take undue risk and there no need to re-invent the wheel either. There are many successful internet business models available. Stick with something that works, if no one else is making money selling it then maybe you won’t either.


3.       High Demand Product. Any product you sell should be in high demand. Your chances of success are greatly increased by selling a product or service that is in demand.  A product that shows someone how to get back on their feet financially is going to be more in demand than a Coach briefcase, at least in 2009 that’s the case, this may be different 5 years from now, and the internet is a very fluid environment, stay alert.

4.       Reasonable Cost of Entry. Starting a business is risky. It stands to reason that the more you have at stake the riskier the business venture is. However, some reasonable amount of seed money is necessary to get started, it is in any business.  I would be a little suspicious of any business that has almost no start up costs. I takes money to market a product and marketing is the single most important endeavor in any business. Some start up costs is appropriate. This is a very personal decision, for some ,000 is too much, for others ,000 is a comfortable investment.

5.       Short Time to Profitability. One of the advantages to starting an internet business is that you do not have brick and mortar costs incurred from real estate ownership. Costs like mortgage payments, property taxes, maintenance costs and repairs. Because of this the length of time it takes to break even will be shorter. However, some internet ventures will take longer to return a profit than others. Do your homework, ask many questions.

 The way to go about this process is the same as the old advice about buying a computer. I heard this 25 years ago and it’s still true today, buy the software that solves your problem and then buy the hardware that runs that software. In other words, one decision drives the other. It’s the same in buying or investing in an online business.

First decide what you want the business to provide for you, what problems need solving. Then research possibilities until you find a match. Finally, unless you enjoy buying into a business with the promise of support only to be left stranded on your own, look for a company that delivers on their promise.

Remember: The Courage 2 Succeed is doing 1 Scary Thing Daily

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