IM Buzz Riches Review – Another Get-Rich-Quick SCAM?

Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

What is IM Buzz Riches? Is this another “get-rich-quick”, “rags-to-riches” scam that you need to avoid? If you have that concern, I can totally understand it because there are indeed many scams on the internet these days. Especially those programs that promise to make you an instant millionaire.

Well, I’m not going to sugarcoat or insult your intelligence here. What I’m going to do in this review is to explain to you what IM Buzz Riches is all about. One thing for sure is that this product will NOT make you an instant millionaire. It’s, however, useful for those who are considering to start their internet business from scratch.

Let’s face it, many people want to find ways to create additional income sources. Because an extra of 00 a month can mean a lot for many families especially in today’s unstable economy. Many people turn to the internet because it’s the simplest and fastest way to start a business.

However, starting a profitable online business from scratch is a long and drawn out process. Most people either don’t have the skill/knowledge to do it themselves or resources (time + money) to have others to do it for them.

For instance, first you need to find and research a market. Is the market viable for you to get in? This can take you weeks or even months if you’re starting from scratch. Next, you’ll need to find products that people want to buy in your market. This is another long process.

Once you have your market + product, you need to create your website and a compelling sales letter. Not to mention that you also need to get involved in some graphic design for your site. You’ll also need to dabble with or set up and test your entire sales process (payment processor, back end support, etc).

If that’s not enough, you’ll also need to provide promotional tools and materials for your affiliates and autoresponder series to follow up with your potential buyers.

Simply put, you need a lot of time and resources (money) if you want to create a profitable online business from scratch. Most people simply don’t have these resources.

That’s where IM Buzz Riches come into the picture. It provides you a turnkey software business package.

The business package consists of the following:

– High quality software application with source code.

– Full Private Label Rights, meaning that you can modify the source code, put your name on it, sell it and keep ALL the profits!

– Two different sales letters.

– Two professionally designed video infomercials to help you generate leads.

– Complete IM Buzz Riches graphics package.

– Complete training resource for affiliates.

– Customized IM Buzz Riches traffic package (unique articles + videos)

– 5-part autoresponder email series to help you follow up with your prospects.

– they also provide complete training and installation.

In summary, IM Buzz Riches allows you to cut short the long and drawn out process of creating your own online business from scratch. With this turnkey business package, you can literally launch your business from day one.


IM Buzz Riches is a very decent product for those who are considering to start an online business but don’t have the resources (time + money) to do so. You can ask other people to do all the things that this product provides but it can cost you ten’s of thousands of dollars. Of course, this product will charge you a one-time cost but that’s all you need to pay. After that, you’ll just focus on launching and promoting your business.

To sweeten the pot, I have prepared a bonus package to go along with this product. The bonus package comprises of over 40 high quality products covering numerous internet marketing business topics. I’m confident that these bonuses + IM Buzz Riches will help to speed up your success online.

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