How to Live Green & Save our Precious Planet for the Children

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

We have been pretty wasteful where it concerns world resources in the last century and for this we should all get a smack over the head. To top it off we have been disgusting when it comes to pollution. We are all guilty as charged and only now people are starting to take note of the serious state the planet is in. Hopefully it is not too late. Having said that it is still a race against time and there is still hope for our children if we make necessary changes now and learn how to live green. We should all learn how to live green!

Don’t be too Smug yet if you think you already know how to live green!!

Perhaps you are proud to tell everyone how you do everything possible to recycle and also support certain organizations financially that is dedicated to the environment and nature conservation. Well done if you do your bit but do you really know how to live green?  Living green is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a small effort from a lot of people to make a HUGE difference. Recycling trash at your home and at work, being very energy conscious at home, and other things like saving gas while driving in your car are a great start to living green. Are you teaching your children well on how to live green? If you do all this KUDOS by the dozen to you.

 Saving Energy is Extremely important in your Effort to Live Green

Industries, cars, homes, and generating electricity are all the biggest factors contributing to global warming. Conserving energy starts with you at home. Is your home for a start well insulated? Are you electricity savings conscious? I will say that people that have really learnt how to live green are using natural energy sources. There are guides to creating your own electricity and you will be amazed at how simple this is. Experts will have you believe that it is complicated and expensive but the reality is that it is another money racket. Fortunately there are a lot of whistle blowers that have written guides on how to create your own natural electricity for less than a few hundred dollars. Imagine how much you can save in electricity and utility bills at home per year by generating enough energy for your home OFF THE GRID!  Look into this and you have taken another step forward in learning how to live green.

Make money by living green

Do you know that it is even possible by making money while living green? Big organizations have taken it on them selves by paying people to bringing them good to recycle. Some examples include cardboard and paper, glass, plastics and tins, metals and even ink cartridges. Have a look at a superb guide on how to live green that outlines some useful information on how to make money while living green

No doubt you will really consider investing in guides that can help you save money on your home utility bills and also at the same time earn you money. Is it then not worth starting now to do your bit for our planet? Everyone is going to suffer at the end of the day. Ignoring the warning signs from mother earth will result in more than just a smack on the head. It can even mean the death of us all!!

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