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Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

I found Affiliate Marketing is the key to overcome Financial Issues. As you dont need to have a full time Job for this. This is something which you can perform along with your existing Job or Profession whatever it is. You must have a little bit understanding of Affiliate Networks who directly deal with Merchants.

Key entities of this great business involves Merchants, Affiliates and Affiliate Networks. Affiliate Network is a middle party/layer, uniting both Merchants and Affiliates. Sale Tracking System is primarily managed by Affiliate Network, so you dont have to worry about Sale Tracking.

Now person who wants to start Affiliate Marketing play role as an Affiliate. You dont have to be expert of Online Marketing, but atleast you should be familiar with basics. I would like to draw couple of bullet points to cover the steps to start Affiliate Business

– Do some Research on Affiliate Networks
– Choose best and reliable Affiliate Network
– Create you account as an Affiliate with your Choosen Affiliate Network
– Build your website, blog which looks professional with good design
– Then you should choose Categories you are interested in or Products you want to sell
– Start Joining Merchants/Retailers dealing with your choosen category and wait for approval
– Once you get approved, find out some Best Hot Deals offered by those Merchants or any CouponCodes/VoucherCodes to attract visitors
– Do some work on the Product Feeds section and see how many Retailers are providing Product Feeds
– You must be able to upload Product Feeds using your Site Backend System, which saves lot of time
– Proving Hot Deals, Best Offers, Coupon Codes, Voucher Codes is common, so better is if you add Price Comparison section on site
– Now get the data into your SEO friendly site and start advertisement

Above are the main steps to start Affiliate Marketing Business. Here i would like suggest couple of Affiliate Networks which are reliable, free to join and are very popular i.e Commission Junction for USA and Affiliate Window for UK.

Once you got everything ready, you definitely now come towards advertisement. Google Adwords is very reknown and largest Advertisement Tool, gives you chance to generate good revenue. Learn adwords and dont forget to see your daily conversions and improve Rerturn On Investment.

Affiliate Window (Awin) is very popular in UK and award winning Affiliate Network. They have got a very friendly team which answers your queries quickly and they almost covers more than 900 UK’s Top Retailers. Affiliate Window also known as Awin providing API for programmers, to get the Product Feeds automatically on site. You would be able to find a plenty of material on Blogs and different Forums about Awin functions and reliability.

Commission Junction is very popular in USA, providing more than 3000 USA’s Top Retailers. This is the largest network i found with good tools and APIs. Its better to go through tools of Affiliate Network before you develop your website. That may saves your time.

According to my knowledge and experience i must add if you want to run your affiliate business, first Select Affiliate Network, then analyze their tools. Start developing site which comply Network API. Once you get your site Live then start joining Merchants. So get the Data and Start Advertisement.

Hope this short article covers your lot of questions, but i would recon you read couple of books to become king of Affiliate Marketing.

– Become Expert of Affiliate Marketing

Author: Yaz, CEO and President of Affiliate Enterprises

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