Get Out of Debt: A Real Solution Out Of Your Credit Card Debt Problems

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

Do you cringe every time the phone rings or constantly have to look at the caller id before answering? Do you dread picking up and opening your mail? If these are two things that have become less then a pleasant experience in your life, it is more then likely due to excessive calls from delinquent bill collectors. However, ignoring the persistent telephone calls and collection notices will not make the problem disappear and will only cause and increase your debt load and lower credit score rating. Fortunately there is a solution. It’s not a “get out of debt” free card since there is no such thing, but it does bring debt resolution and peace of mind back into ones life. If you are looking to get out of debt, a debt settlement program provided by a trusted debt settlement company such as American Debt Solution is a great option to consider.

A debt settlement program can help an individual clear up bad debt and regain a sense of control over their finances. When a consumer becomes delinquent on a high interest bearing credit card debt it can quickly evolve into the snowball affect where late fees and other penalties continue to pile up to the point where the consumer can quickly begin to feel overwhelmed. It can often feel like they have reached a point of no return. This is when the support of a good debt settlement program can step in and shine the light to lead the way to debt recovery.

A debt settlement program can work with the creditors and work out a credit card debt settlement that works for you. Through a debt settlement company, you can have your credit card debt settled at a fraction of what is owed, and get out of debt. Often times this can reduce the debt up to half of the balance. The difference between debt settlement and other debt relief options is that debt settlement actually allows you to payoff your unsecured debts at a reduced principal balance. This allows you to get out of debt much faster then a credit counseling program that would only provide reduced interest rates. Typically with a debt settlement program you are able to get out of debt and eliminate your enrolled accounts within 12-36 months. This is considered a viable and great alternative to filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for usually 10 years!

A good debt settlement program includes the consumer in the settlement process and sets up a debt relief program fit specifically for their needs. They will give you all possible viable options to help you make an informed decision on things such as which debts to include in your debt settlement program and help you factor a realistic amount you can afford to pay a month and time frame.

Many times debt settlement companies will dispute any inaccurate information on your credit report on your behalf. What this means to a consumer who is already battling credit issues is that with resolution of these false or inaccurate claims, your credit report begins to look better over time. A debt settlement company also documents each payoff to ensure it is properly noted on your credit report as well as for future references should an inaccuracy later appear. Many times, after settlement occurs the creditor will attempt to collect the balance of the account that was agreed to be forgiven. They do this in an attempt to require that you provide proof of the payment, and that the payment occurred within the allotted timeframe specified in the settlement letter offering. Working with a debt settlement company ensures that you are protected and that all payments to creditors are documented properly in the case this happens. If you can’t document the settlement properly the creditor will come after you for the outstanding balance on the account. This can be tricky and it can be a good idea to leave debt settlement to the professionals for this reason alone.

Another great benefit of using a debt settlement company is they can work to end those calls that make you cringe and eliminate the endless warnings you receive in your mailbox daily. It’s tough for a debt settlement to stop an original creditor from calling you to attempt to collect the debt that is owed, however, they can send any third party collection company a “cease and desist” letter that prohibits the collection company from contacting you and informs them that you wish to work with the original creditor only. That benefit for many is almost as great as the end result from using a good debt settlement company, being debt free.

When looking to get out of debt, taking action is the first step to becoming proactive and freeing yourself from the burden. Often times pride can keep a person away from making that first step in contacting a great debt settlement company such as American Debt Solution. However, please remember you are not the only one who is having a financial hardship these days and they are there to help, not ever judge. Imagine the pride you will feel when you are free from your financial burdens. Take that first step today for a free debt examination and consultation. Let the professionals do the work and “Begin Living Debt-Free Today!”

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