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Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

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Investment Acumen. Client Service. Comprised of experienced investment professionals using an absolute or targeted return investment approach, Free Capital Management uses a unique portfolio management structure. Our specialists collectively have multiple designations and many years of combined investment experience. Our investment group is comprised of portfolio management, quantitative analysis, and risk and relationship management. Led by Wealth Management, portfolio management, Free Capital Management’s collaborative approach employs a rigorous investment review process that prides itself on both its investment acumen and its client service.

Economic and market fundamentals change constantly.

No one trading style will consistently succeed in the currency markets.

Apply a multi-style trading approach with discretion.

Understand fundamental economic, political and market expectations.

Understanding technical and quantitative trading strategies.

Capital preservation is a function of systematic risk management and fail-safe operations.


This is the firm that will be handling the clients funds as well as clearing the trades.

Start Investing your money and capital with Free Capital Management in Florida offering =””>Hedge Fund Floridaservices from Currency Exchange Florida Manager.


Free Capital Management is not, nor is it required to be, registered with Commodity Future Trading Commission in any capacity and is not member of the National Future Association. We offer Wealth Management Services from Professional Hedge Fund Manager in Florida


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It is our management philosophy to provide complete and comprehensive information about Free Capital Management and it’s Programs. Please do not hesitate to request information or to suggest additional materials you would like to see presented on this web site.

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