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Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

Are you in a financial situation where you feel over your head in bills? Are you struggling to make ends meet, missing monthly payments, and going deeper and deeper in debt while trying to maintain your minimum monthly payments, making you feel as though you are throwing money out the window? Technically, you are. If you are making just the minimum monthly payments on your credit card bills, if you closely watch your balance each month, even if you are no longer using your cards to purchase things, your balance is most likely going up. Most credit cards charge you such a significant amount of interest that even if you continue making your minimum payments, your balance will grow. Add on top of that late fees, over the limit fees, and increased interest rates because of these things, and you quickly realize that getting out of credit card debt on your own is hopeless.

In these difficult financial times, full of job cuts, layoffs, pay decreases, and increasing mortgage interest rates, many people have been forced to utilize their high interest credit cards to stay afloat. Most people do this with the hopes that something is going to happen in their lives to improve their financial situation, but unfortunately, the debt spirals out of control. If you miss a payment, you get a late payment fee and they raise your interest rate. You debt increases dramatically, causing you to go over your credit line, so that the credit card companies can charge you yet another fee month after month. It is a never ending cycle that traps people and keeps them in debt rather than being a temporary crutch during difficult times.

That is why many people in similar situations have turned to debt management companies like the J Hass Group. The J Hass Group has many debt management strategies, but primarily focuses on debt settlement. They recommend to certain clients that they stop making payments altogether and instead save the amount they would be spending each month. The creditors are then forced to start the collections process. When they are in the collections process, the creditors are almost always willing to negotiate, to accept a smaller amount than the original balance as either a series of payments or one lump sum payment. They then act as though the balance is paid in full and you are debt free.

This sounds fairly simple, but it is important to keep in mind that it will not happen overnight. Generally, J Hass Group says they can help their clients within 12 to 36 months, and at the end of that process, you will be debt free.

The J Hass Group has helped thousands of clients just like you to get out of debt quickly and regain their lives and financial stability. You are not alone in this difficult situation, and the J Hass Group employs over fifty financial counselors with over one hundred years experience in this field to help you get back on track. Once you call the J Hass Group, they will put you in touch with a counselor who can make specific recommendations and get you are the right course to debt settlement, and help you get back to a life free from debt entirely.

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