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Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

With the advent of credit cards, upcoming money lending organizations, online strategies to acquire instant cash etc., a steep rise is observed in the number of people running into debts. Almost half of the American population is burdened with debt that has been incurred with some or the other type of loan.

But if there are ways to run into debt, there are measures to come out of it and even prevent it. One of the preferred and common method is credit counseling. Since debt is a major problem nowadays in America, the credit counseling services have popped up all over the country. Some of these services are free while the others are not. But the aim of either is to get people out of debt and so relieve their anxiety.

Many people opt for the credit counseling services to pay off their debt and build their credit. A credit counseling service works in a very set or planned manner. Once you sign up with such a service, it begins calling around and negotiate new payback terms with your creditors. Most often the service succeeds in getting low interest rates but on the same hand in closing an account. This is because no creditor will give you little or no interest so you can get out of debt and then allow you to draw full advantage of that by spending more money through it.

So once the credit counseling service negotiates terms for payback, they start a payment system with you. In this system rather than sending separate checks every month to several different creditors, you will be required to send just one check directly to the credit counseling service. This money will go into a trust account and then the credit counseling service pays your creditors for you.

So since the credit counseling service company negotiates lower interest rates, you can save good amount of money every month. For if the interest rates are high, more and more money is accumulated for payment each month. The counseling service is thus beneficial in lowering your interest rates to a great extent.

Another merit is giving just a single check each month. This proves not just convenient to the person concerned but also save the trouble of keeping a record of details of all the checks sent.

Finally the credit counseling services enable you to ward-off your dents and build up your credit. The timely and regular payments will definitely improve your credit ratings. Eliminating your debt will also help you in future when you go to apply for a new loan etc.

But credit counseling has several shortcomings too. Firstly, all the accounts involved in this process will be closed. Moreover you will not be allowed to apply for a new credit card while you are in the program. So if you are under good amount of debt and avail the credit counseling service for few years, you will not have a credit card for those many years. So keep this thing in mind prior to opting for a credit counseling service.

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