Avoiding The Ninety Nine Percent Failure Rate When Starting An Internet Business

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

The dream of starting an internet business is one that lots of us hold.

The money, the freedom, the chance to work for yourself and be your own boss.

And get on the internet and do some bowsing and it even seems like it’s childs play

That everyone that has brushed by a computer is making money online.

It’s a pretty safe assumption that you have had the make millions online ads shoved in your face promising you untold internet wealth, quick and easy.

And it’s also a safe bet that these internet gurus trying to sell you there miracle online systems , are making some decent bucks from it.

It’s another question altogether as to whether you will of course.

You may be aware that ninety nine percent of all new online businesses fail.

Google it, starting an internet business gives you a 99% chance of failure.

That’s a pretty high failure rate.

So how come the figures are so daunting ?

Why are only 1% succeeding despite all the online promises of easy money ?

Well I have an idea of why this is, and by following it, you may be able to give yourself a much better chance of success,

And not go the way of the ninety nine percent that don’t make it.

So how come most people don’t have any success?

Well I think that there are some good reasons for it.

Firstly the kind of person that is attracted to starting an internet business, is not really your regular 9-5 type.

The type of individual that doesn’t just want to settle for a regular job and career.

Internet businesses appeal to the kind of character that wants more from life and actively goes out and seeks ways to make it happen.

These kind of people are action takers, they are seekers, they have big visions and dreams and are prepared to go after them.Starting an internet business is a natural fit.

and the internet gurus are aware of this !

They know the hopes that have because they’ve had the same ones.

They know exactly what you want and which emotional buttons to push.

They have stood where you stand now and have the same desires.

The same desires for prosperity and a different way of life.

These are emotional wants and needs.

And they know that a profitable online business can fulfill these desires.

That’s why all of the thousands of get rich quick ads you see , will be saying different things, but all appealing to the same emotional needs we have.

And because we are the kind of people that want to follow our dreams and our hearts , we can be more susceptible to believing these promises.

We give these internet “gurus” far more trust than they deserve and we often pay the price.

Because they are selling us the dream, not the reality. And that is because they are pushing us what they think we want to hear.

It is a tale they tell to get us to believe and to part with our hard earned cash as quickly as they can.

Because we all want to think that we can quickly and easy be making big money.

And we all want it right now, the quick fix.

Because we can then not have to go into work tomorrow.

We can not have to worry about the bills, the mortgage.

The gurus are well aware that we are in it for a reason.

And the quicker and easier it is, the better we like it.

Who among us doesn’t want to be rich ?

Everyone of us wants it.

It’s the big dream why we play the lotto.

Money and freedom.

And we are the type of people that will take action to move towards their dreams, which sometimes leads us to put our faith in people that don’t really care if we have any success at all.

And we pay for it with a 99% failure rate.

Why ??

Because the internet gurus don’t want us to know the real secret of a successful online business.

And that is to base your internet business around you and your uniquely individual areas of interest and knowledge.

They want you to believe that your own ideas and experience id worth nothing and that your only hope of success is to follow exactly what they say to you.

Because that makes you a nice, timid customer who will buy from them time and time again.

And with every new product they release they know that you will be at the front of the line , again and again.

Because it’s in their interests that you don’t really make a lot of money, or why would you need to keep buying from them.

And even if you are successful at starting an internet business , there will be 99 just like you that aren’t.

But you’ll be able to go from a customer to an entrepreneur if you realize what you have to offer from the start.

If you decide that starting an internet business around an area that you already know,

Some knowledge from a job, an interest, a hobby ,

Then you are taking charge and don’t need to go running to them every 5 minutes.

No matter where your individual skills and talents may lie, there is an opportunity to start an internet business with those at the centre.

All you need to do to begin is brainstorm the things you know and have knowledge of.

Because there are lots of different ways you can then make money from using these areas of interest.

Check out a great tool that I recommend if you’re thinking of starting an internet business

You can also visit our blog on starting an internet business and all aspects of home based internet business


Rich Paylor

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