Are The Yellow Pages Still Useful In This Internet Age?

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

I grew up before microwave ovens, fax machines, cell phones and personal computers. I finally got a Mac in 1984. Ten years later, a cell phone. I started working a sales consultant for the Yellow Pages in 1980 and figured that they would be around forever. But look at us now. We are hooked on Google searches and Blackberries as our PDA’s. What a difference a generation has made. So, do I or anyone else I know, still use the old printed directory?

Let’s step back a moment in time. I always considered the Yellow Page book the bible for the consumer searching for a local business, especially during an emergency. Suppose you go to the garage and the car won’t start. Where do you turn? You can call your car dealer and discover they can’t get you any help unless you can tow it in. So you grab the YP book and find a mobile repair service that can come to you. Fast forward to today. Sure, you can sit in front of the computer and try a local Google search, but there are a few issues; Internet issues.

Do you have fast broadband and an always-on connection? When the merchant’s ad comes up on the computer screen, does it show only the name, address, and phone number like with lots of Internet listings?  At, the large ads are filled with tons of information from your logo, maps, coupons, pictures and much more. Also, where do you write the relevant info you need? On the screen? At you can save it right to your favorites or even email it to yourself.  Also, how many listings can you see at one time on the web? When you visit you will see only 10 listings at a time with very user friendly search functions. That way, you can see all the choices. Sometimes I even print out the ad to take it with me.

You see, the net has many advantages to the yellowpages. The book is always slower to access and probably has outdated information. You can even access from your cell phone. That way I can find a towing service if I break down on the road. Try that on your Blackberry or iPhone. I still get the printed newspaper and some magazines. Yet I do massive amounts of research on the Internet. They are both useful tools for the consumer.

And if you are a business-person reading this article, I imagine you are wondering if your YP dollars should be going to the printed page or the net. I would have both. Refer you to the website. The whole world is Internet savvy and has quick Internet speed. If you still need to reduce your Yellow pages costs, let 104inc design an effective ad for less.  You can save 50-75% off your advertising budget and the best part is, you can use the 45 day free trial and never spend a single cent.  That’s over a 0 value! All this information could be found on their website, so don’t forget to visit them today.

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