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Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

Creating a website that attracts advertisers is one of the nicest types of website to own, as once the website has reached maturity you should be getting a constant income that keeps on filling your personal bank account. There are a number of different ways to do this type of website and I will list them below.

What you need to realize that these styles of websites are mostly template driven and therefore you might need to layout some funds getting the initial website set up. Very often you could pay the website developer some money to do the complete setup on your behalf, and this way you would be in business sooner.

Remember too that this website type takes time to grow to its maximum capacity and that you need to do careful research before you get started as to the exact nature of your directory or listing site. If you are only ever going to attract 12 advertisers in the niche that you have chosen to build your website around then you are not very likely to succeed, but if you listed all the plumbers in your city that would be a different situation.

Another thing that I should mention now before you get any further is that you are likely to be doing a lot of offline marketing as the bulk of your new business will be coming from the brick and mortar side of the world. So here again there could be some capital needed to be laid out in the building up of your website. Personally I am busy at this very moment starting up one of the models listed below and I foresee great potential in that market for myself.


Small classified advertising websites are very popular and can be very lucrative. What I do suggest to you is to be very careful here in your research as in my personal opinion I feel that you could end up competing with some sites that are so powerful that you might never succeed.

I would suggest that you pick a niche section to run your classified site as this is more likely to generate the required traffic that your website does need. A topic like baby classifieds, health classifieds, new car classifieds, classic cars classifieds or even a sport classified might be the way to go.

Please remember that your URL address becomes very important and that you need to buy the domain in the country that you plan to promote (example for South Africa) as this is important as to where the search engines send your enquiries.


Bookmark listing websites are really a form of social website and will be covered again in a different section of this report. However it still falls under the umbrella of a listing or yellow pages type of website.

What the point of this style of website is all about is to get you tags or listings up onto the search pages of the biggest search engines thereby getting massive amounts of traffic to your website daily. Generally the income gained from these sorts of sites come from the banner adverts and affiliate products, and then naturally from the Adsense programs. Remember that you are attracting someone to your site that is still in search mode and when they are confronted with targeted lists of Adsense adverts they are very likely to click out and therefore earn you money.

Page per advertiser

This is the style that I am going to do with my new website. While it is still only listing the details of a service or company you allow a lot more detail.

Banners only

Whichever way you choose to feature a banner only website you could attract listings, but would need to keep your layout clear as you could lose focus and end up confusing a visitor. Too many colors and banners can be a bad thing and you would need to have a very basic design to pull this one off.

In all the cases listed above I do also recommend that you add more than just the basics to your website as things like free eBooks offered to get an e mail list, or big competitions would be an added attraction to the visitors to your website.

I have a number of great ways to promote this sort of website offline as this will be vital to the success of your business. Please contact me directly if you are planning to do one of these websites and we can talk.

I do though still encourage you to visit my website that I use to promote the building up of new websites…

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