A Successful Home Business Must Have

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

“Never stop walking in the shoes of those who are looking for you, and you will find that you never go barefoot.”

Over half of all small businesses which are started fail within the first two years. Many people quit on their dreams after a few bad days, and get back into the groove of the norm of society. You know the norm: the safe and secure job, the 9-5 struggle just to live, pursuing despised money ventures instead of passions, just to name a few. We can discuss the negatives of home businesses for days, but here’s another truth. Those who don’t quit succeed. Those who pursue passions honestly with integrity, love for all, and faith receive blessings from unexpected back ends. One must be surrounded with positivity and productivity at all times in order to truly grasp ultimate success, which is right after the step where you’re expected to quit. Here are just a few requirements a successful home business must have:

1) A successful home business must have leaders who don’t think of themselves:

This may sound crazy to many, but the less you think of yourself, the more you will prosper. Many individuals are too concerned with making money, rather than honestly helping others and changing their lives. Business is about building relationships. Solve people’s problems, remain honest, loving, and friendly with everyone, continue walking in the shoes of others, and you will never go barefoot.

2) A successful home business must have a complete understanding and devotion to help a specific target audience:

The first thing to think about in business is your target market. The show might be perfect, but it is your audience that makes the show successful. Think about it. You wouldn’t promote nursing homes towards college students would you? You wouldn’t promote a network marketing business to all of your family and friends would you? Oh I’m sorry… or do you? The key is to figure out your true target audience, know their problems, and provide HOW TO solutions. I say how to solutions because it’s important to understand that a particular business opportunity is NOT a solution to one’s problems. It’s how to go about doing something, knowledge, which provides a true solution. Business opportunities are just the icing on the cake after knowledge is acquired and relationships are built. Know your audience, know their burning problems, and concentrate solely on helping them solve their problems. For example, network marketers’ audience are other network marketers, entrepreneurs, people willing to chase their dreams and work for it rather than settling for society’s norm. As I always say, become the photographer of your business and take yourself out of the picture. Having love, knowledge, and value to offer a specific audience at all times, along with your persistence, determination and faith will guarantee your success.

3) A successful home business must have a 9-5 with a projects mentality:

One reason home businesses fail is because many are not treated like businesses. Many are treated as hobbies. This is a common and crucial mistake. A home business is a perfect opportunity to reach your goals IF it is treated as a business. You can be associated with the most helpful business and efficient system which can make work a little easier, but let’s not get it twisted; you have to treat it like a 9-5. The problem is that many start down this road to get away from the dreaded 9-5, but fail to realize that in order to be truly successful, one must sacrifice their most precious asset in life (time) in order to produce desired results. My father always told me that no matter how great an opportunity or million dollar idea may be, you still have to get in a persistent rhythm, so when your steps are right, people will have to adjust to yours. I can personally say that he was so right. Start 9-5’in and taking business seriously with a projects mentality. What is a projects mentality? Well I came from the streets of Bronx, New York, and I find it interesting how many that have succeeded and continue to succeed usually come from nothing. In the Projects, people work hard for what they want because they have no other choice. Therefore it makes success a necessity rather than a possibility. Have that mentality. A wise man once told me that there’s no half stepping when it comes to hustling. That means treat your business as your only option and work non stop until you reach your goals.

4) A successful home business must have a reality:

You have to be able to be yourself and keep it real. Don’t lie or try to con people, for that will always come to the light eventually. Remain honest and with integrity. Liars need good memories, and you will slip once if you’re lying so just save yourself the trouble by just keeping it real with yourself and others.

5) A successful home business must have knowledge:

You have to know how to solve your target market’s problems, or at least be involved in and be able to benefit from a system that does. Knowledge is everlasting, and taking action with that knowledge to help others is the knockout combo. So continuing to learn ‘relevant’ knowledge and providing value is crucial to the success of any home business.

6) A successful home business must have a 1st place space pace:

Always strive to be the best. Whether it be in the form of providing the most knowledge, creating the most efficient system, and/or being the most helpful, etc, strive to be the best at it. Make sure your worst races always end in first places. However, the other key, which is missed by many, is to also wish and help others reach 1st place as well. Wish the best of success for everyone, and actually do the best you can to help them get there. There’s enough of everything to go around. Don’t be envious of others. If you loathe the fact that others are successful, you are actually pushing away your own success. You must want success for you and everyone else. These are a few requirements a successful home business must have. I wish you the best of success, happiness, and prosperity.

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