Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

So many people cry daily, weekly and monthly whenever they receive their wages or salary because they are once again coming back to their reality that their take home pay is not taking them home. The truth is no amount of money an employer pays you is enough for you, this is because the higher the pay the higher the taste and expenditure. Have you asked yourself why the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other richest men in the world are still not tired of making money?

Realizing that money is never enough is a right step in the right direction, hence to solve you debt issue you need to consider certain debt recovery steps. I would recommend 4 ways to recover from your debt crises. Following them strictly will really help you overcome your debts.

The following are the recommended steps to overcome you debts:

NEED/WANT: There is a great importance in you creating a table or list of all you normally buy with your income and going through it critically will help you determine what you really need. Your need is that thing which, if not existing, would not really make you any lesser a human. Having a satellite TV may not be necessary if you have a TV with as much local channels that bring you current news and entertainment as the satellite TVs. Calling a friend you just left and would meet very soon to discuss a casual issue becomes a want instead of a need. So pruning your list to needs would help you reduce the means by which you spend more.

MULTIPLE CREDIT CARDS: Carrying multiple credit cards everywhere you go can increase your spending even when you don’t want. And since these card companies are solely there to make interest, they would want to maximize their earning rate. The best thing to do would be to reduce your cards to just one or two and only carry it when necessary based on your need list as above. The card you chose should be one that can consolidate you debts; caution must be exercise here before you choose a consolidated debt card. You can search more for debt consolidation merchants on the net.

PAYING YOURSELF: Another means to recover from your debt is to pay yourself. You know people think it’s easy for their bosses to pay them their salaries at the end of the month and that is why they are constantly asking for a pay rise. It is only when you pay yourself out of your own salary that you know it’s not easy. Paying yourself first helps you provide for the “raining” period. Its like the bed & pillow you fall back on to rest at the end of the day after a hard day work.

INVESTMENT: Paying yourself is not enough, but investing the money in the right medium is better. Investing the money is like raising your chicks to become hens; they in no long time become layers also- helping you to make interest also.

Following these debt recovery steps will greatly help you not only recover from debt but put you in the right way of being financially independent.


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