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Written by admin on November 27th, 2010

Web Site Marketing Internet Business

Website Designing is a very general term used by internet savvy, programmers and all those who are related to IT industry in some or the other ways. This technical term is broadly associated with website development that involves development of a website for the internet and which is then presented at a global level i.e. World Wide Web (WWW). Web designing is basically a skill of creating presentations of content that once completed is then conveyed to the end user through the World Wide Web.

The basic intention of designing a website means the creation of a website by combining several electronic applications and documents which are present there on the web server. A web page in general terms is classified in two basic formats:

• Static Pages – These pages on a website don’t change until a person manually updates the page.
• Dynamic Pages – A dynamic page is something which changes as per the end user’s input or any changes in the computing environment.

If we talk about the difference between website designing and web development, website designing is a form of graphic designing done for the styling of the website. This process of designing further gets elaborated in several parts which include: Web Site Marketing Internet Business

• Animations
• HTML Coding
• Search Engine Optimization
• Information Architecture
• Communication Design etc.

Website Designing can turn out to be a daunting task if not done by proper planning. Any particular website has to be designed by targeting the audience or the market. Even the purpose of the website has to be clearly defined. Following things are to be taken into consideration while you are designing a website:

• Context
• Purpose of a website
• Content
• Audience
• Planning Documentation
• Restrictions & Compatibility Web Site Marketing Internet Business

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