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Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert is an amazing guy. He has appeared on or television screens and listened to on our radios almost 24/7. He has millions of followers in the UK who listen to the advice that he gives out and then tend to follow the excellent advice that he has given. There are many testimonials from around the country who will say that this guy is the number one when advising on personal finance.

Famous for?

He is mostly famous for his money saving expert website, whose main theme is his crusade to try and claim bank charges from the banks. Indeed Martin Lewis is one of the most searched names on the internet currently.

Where you can find him

The programmes that he is currently appearing on are:

Radio 2 Jeremy Vine

Radio 1 Jo Wiley

Channel 5 his “It Pays to watch programme.”

ITV tonight programme

Regularly appears on GMTV

He also has several columns in The Telegraph, Manchester Evening News and News Of the World newspapers.

What he advises on

Special offers on things like hotels, restaurants, etc are also popular with Martin Lewis. He advises on all things money be it setting up a new credit card or new loan. Lewis will highlight the best option available at that point in time. Indeed if you subscribe to e-mails you will be told when an offer bacomes available and how long you have in which to take up the offer.

Savings in the current climate with interest rates so low and some ideas as to where might be the best place in which to invest money.

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