How to Get Free From Debt Without the Shackles of Bankruptcy

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

If you’re like most American’s you are doing your best to avoid new debt and pay down old debt.  However, some people are being crushed by intense credit card debt, medical bills and other forms of unsecured debt.  Many individuals are considering bankruptcy, but they don’t understand the real impact bankruptcy can have on their lives and their livelihood. 

One option many people haven’t even considered is debt settlement.  Banks are starving for cash, as demonstrated by the Federal government’s stress test which has ordered banks to stockpile billions of dollars in their own accounts.  Debt settlement works with lenders and banks to settle your debt for less than you owe.  This means that instead of paying minimum balances for years at a time, trying to pay off ,000 credit card debt with a month, you can negotiate with your lender.
With a proper debt settlement company, you can reduce your unsecured debt by 40-60%, have your late fees waived, settle all your credit card debt for less than you owe, put an end to collection phone calls, protect yourself from legal action, avoid bankruptcy and become debt free.

Most Americans can only dream of becoming debt free, but with a highly skilled debt settlement company, being debt free becomes a reality.  Debt settlement offers you key benefits:

Avoiding Bankruptcy – With a qualified debt settlement company, you can reduce your debt burden and pay off your bills, opening up more money every month.  You can negotiate with creditors or collection agencies and settle your debts for as much as you can afford to pay.  Doing this will avoid Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy, and keep your credit standing intact in the long term.

Avoid Unfair Collection Practices – You can avoid unfair collection practices, as well as harassing phone calls, by debt collectors if you negotiate a settlement.  No more fearing the telephone, no more avoiding blocked calls and less tress.

Eliminate Late Fees – One of the ways credit card companies drive up your debt is by charging late fees.  A debt settlement ends the late fees so you can pay off your credit card debt.

Avoid Lawsuits and Legal Action – Unsecured debt may lead to lawsuits by your lenders and by banks.  Debt settlement avoids any legal troubles and keeps your record clean.

Debt settlement companies offer a settlement program, working with you to discover exactly what plan works for you.  After your total credit card debt, or other form of unsecured debt, a debt settlement company will attempt to negotiate with your lender drive down the cost.  You may be able to pay a lump sum, or create monthly payments.  If you don’t have any money saved up, a qualified debt settlement company will collect your money for you and create an account that will go towards paying off your debt.
Lenders and banks need cash so badly right now, that some settlement amounts come to less than half of what the person owes. That means a ,000 debt might be settled for ,000!

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