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Written by admin on November 27th, 2010

According to dental experts, it is recommended for an average person to visit its dentist once every six months to have a proper dental care and check up. In other words, our teeth require not only our time for it to be cleaned, it also exacts money. We cannot deny the fact that our teeth were only one of our body parts that has the most job performed everyday. Aside from using it on our eating session three times a day, often times we also had them working overtime with our snacks. These everyday processes accumulate dents, food residues and other undesirable food particles trapped inside our mouth and in between our teeth that causes us to long for an immediate teeth whitening solution.

Brushing is Incomplete

Brushing two times daily alone cannot completely get rid of our teeth from unwanted dirt trapped there and accumulated from all of its day’s work. Because of our hectic lifestyle, a dentist appointment may sometimes be overruled, leaving our teeth dull and discolored. Ten-to-one, we don’t want this to happen.

To help enhance your teeth and help bring back the luster in them, here are some do-it-yourself and money-saving teeth whitening tips:

Eating an apple a day not only keeps the doctor at bay but it also helps enhance and whitens teeth. Due to some natural active teeth whitening elements found in an apple, if going to the dentist is not an option anymore, munching an apple a day will help you realize a dentist-free schedule. Just don’t forget to drink plenty of water after eating. Another delicious way of attaining the desired whiter teeth is either eating fresh strawberries or brushing with already mashed strawberries. If the former is desired, just don’t forget to brush your teeth with a regular toothpaste right after eating. Waiting for a longer period before brushing your teeth will cause you more harm rather than good due to the acidic substance found in the fruit itself. Don’t wait for this acid to accumulate first before brushing your teeth. Our daily habits accounts for the discoloration of our teeth. Routine smoking and excessive caffeine intake all contributes to the discoloration of our teeth. One of the best remedies is to get rid of those unhealthy habits. If you happen to stumble upon a white substance in your kitchen labeled “baking soda”, don’t toss it down the garbage bin if you think you will no longer use it. Substituting your regular toothpaste with baking soda two times daily would make your teeth sparkling white. Just don’t over use it. Flossing after brushing. This tip may come last on the list but it doesn’t mean that it is the least effective. In fact it is regarded as one of the most efficient and effective.
Start to Smile

This do-it-yourself tips and techniques not only cut your dental bills but it also adds more quality time to your other priorities. Take note that aside from cutting on the costs of dental visits, these simple teeth whitening tips also brought you a generous smile due to your pearly and shiny white sparkling teeth.

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