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Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

If you’re being crushed by the weight of to many debts and you’re desperate to get out from underneath, debt settlement may be the right option for you.  A good debt settlement company can help you lower the overall balance on you debts, potentially even combining multiple debts into a single monthly payment that is lower that all you exiting payments combined.  Even without consolidation, a lower monthly payment on your largest debts can result from lowering your total balance.  Debt settlement is an effective way to relieve your financial woes without declaring bankruptcy.  If you want to pay you debts, but your payments are unrealistic, look into debt settlement options today.

Debt Settlement Can Lower Your Overall Balance

If you’re receiving multiple calls every day demanding money for debts you cannot afford to pay, odds are you’re getting fed up with your situation.  You may sometimes feel like your creditors are behaving unfairly, but the truth is they are just trying to claim money that is owed to them.  If you are legitimately not going to be able to pay the full amount, creditors are usually willing to agree to a debt settlement that will lower the amount you owe them.  A lower amount is better than nothing, so creditors will often be willing to forgive the remaining money as long as you pay what you can.  When you pay off your debts at the lower balance, they are reported to the national credit agencies as paid in full.  Debt settlement can be a very useful tool in avoiding bankruptcy, which does stay on your credit report for years.  Debt settlement is the light at the end of the tunnel.  If you can use debt settlement to avoid bankruptcy, why wouldn’t you?

Debt Settlement Can Lower You Monthly Payments

The result of lowering the total amount you owe is that your monthly payments often go down significantly as well.  Lower monthly payments means more money for other necessities, such as food, gas, clothing, or whatever you’re being forced to cut back on now to make your larger payments.  Once your regular payments are back within a range you can afford, you won’t have to deal with creditors trying to take collection action against you.  Oftentimes a debt settlement agreement can also include the dropping of existing late fees and penalties.  In addition to the lowered total due, the exclusion of these fees can be a serious relief to your bank account.

Debt Settlement is Preferable to Bankruptcy

The social stigma associated with bankruptcy is not entirely without cause.  While bankruptcy may be necessary in extreme cases, the truth is that bankruptcy can ruin you.  A bankruptcy stays on your credit report for up to ten years and is visible to anybody who checks it.  Bankruptcy is intended for people who cannot pay any of their debts.  If you are wiling to pay as much as you can, but need your debts to be lowered, then debt settlement is by far the better option.

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