3 Quick Money Saving Tips

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

3 Quick Money Saving Tips

These 3 money savers will help you save money / improve your cash flow quickly. I have only written the 3 most effective here which will also save you time instead of reading through lists of 50 or 100 money saving tips that you sometimes see. These are from my list of top 10 money saving tips.

#1 Claim back what you can from your bank. There are two things you can claim for at the moment. One is unfair bank charges. The other which is usually worth more is miss-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). You may not be aware of it but you may have payment protection insurance or accident / sickness cover (ASU) on your loans, mortgage(s), credit cards and store cards. Many of these policies were miss-sold or just included in your monthly payments without any mention at all. You should claim them back as the government has allotted a time window in which everyone must make there claim. There are millions of policies out there to be claimed on. As well as claiming back what you paid you can also claim PPI Compensation for being miss-sold to in the first place.

#2 Pay of Credit Card Debt, Store Cards, Short Term Loans and any other high interest debt. You will be getting less interest paid on money you have in a savings account then you will be paying out on these types of debt so pay these of first and then start saving. Alternatively consolidate your debt with one lower interest loan. (This is not necessarily one lower monthly payment – a lower interest rate is more important)

#3 If things get really bad, seek financial advice from an independent debt management expert. They will be able to give you an un-biased assessment of your financial position and recommend you either consolidate your debt, enter a debt management scheme, an IVA or even bankruptcy. As they are independent they are more likely to advise what is best for you.

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