Successful Like Hollywood Celebrity

Written by admin on May 12th, 2010

Do you remember how your first job or the worst? Does the work relate to what you’re doing now or what he wants tomorrow? Try to look at the reviews below, Jennifer Aniston had been a waitress, and Madonna work serving donuts at Dunkin ‘Donuts before becoming a famous singer like now.

All career began with a good foundation. The same thing happened to them the rich and famous. They work hard for their desire to develop a career that started from scratch and get a reply from what they do.

Expertise and experience they gained from the first job they helped throw them into success in the future. So, what can we learn from them?

1. Starting from scratch
Success does not appear suddenly and instantly. This is what we always have to realize, is a successful start everything from the bottom. From there they learn many things, so anything that they lead to grow and eventually become successful.

2. Replies to your hard work
Those who had worked in the service sector is often said that the work, and life, best I have ever experienced in the world. You learn to handle stress and maintain your composure, hone your skills, endure, and work hard to earn money.

Sandra Bullock worked as a bartender mixing drinks before he was acting with big actors Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman and Keanu Reeves. And Robin Williams sells ice cream before he played a movie.

3. Start with courage
Just to pursue their greatest desire, some people do whatever they can to get what they want. They do so without regard for self-esteem or the threat of poverty.

Before starting his business clothing line famous, Ralph Lauren was a sweater salesman at Bloomingdale’s. Tommy Hilfiger apparel industry once known for selling clothes from the trunk of the car. The names are big names now, but they use creativity and motivation to undergo their first jobs.

In conclusion, reached the job takes time and patience. Brilliant career that does not happen overnight and could take many years hard work. But one step in your journey can bring you closer to your goals.


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