I’m Sick and Tired of Saving $200.00 a Month!!

Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

Why do certain people strive off discounted merchandise? Most of the time it’s used or refurbished. It’s not guaranteed to last long therefore for the most part it’s a waste of time and money.

Sometimes you can find good bargains. A while back I used to shop at the thrift store and they would have those .00 bag days. You had no idea what was in the bags. All you knew is – you were getting a great deal! It was kind of strange seeing that I was the only 18 year old compared to the average 40-50 year old shopping for bargains.

Then I learned about Car Auctions. There were some pretty good deals especially when I bought several cars at 0.00 bucks! They would last for an average of 80,000 miles. Then I started to get an idea of buying cheap and selling for a profit. The idea was good however, many others that were mechanics and car brokers had the same idea. There idea was greatly supported because they had created a customer base that trusted them to know they were buying at bargain prices. I didn’t.

My determination was very strong to find more bargains. I found a computer auction and later discovered that was a rip off. They hired a special person to bid high because there motive was to make you pay more than what it was worth. They also have these same people at Home Foreclosures and Car Auctions. The computers were also outdated and really wasn’t of any value to the average consumer. They worked fine for someone that knew how to upgrade them.

One day a very attractive mail piece came in my mailbox that said save 0.-0.00 a month at your local grocery store and double your savings on double coupon days and triple your savings on triple coupon days! WOW!! I thought I finally hit the JACK POT BABY! After talking with my wife I ordered a dealership kit for 5.00 bucks. They told me I could also earn a lot of cash. I purchased an 800 toll free number and Xeroxed a few packages to send out once the ad I placed in my local papers attracted coupon clippers. Not realizing at the time real coupon clippers are in a club and they all share with one another where to clip FREE COUPONS!

The problem was this – The coupons I was marketing cost .00 a book and the buyer had to send .00 for each coupon to be redeemed including a list of 35 choices of several products. Why would someone spend approximately .00 for a 0.00 coupon book? Well, if you do the math It looks really rewarding. However, I also learned that professional coupon clippers work for some of the same companies that offered the 0.00 coupon book and their coupon club probably owned way more than 0.00 of coupons for FREE!

Even though it looked like a great bargain – it really was not! The real coupon clippers make a living clipping coupons as an extra income and people that don’t use coupons don’t give a rabbits foot about saving money.

They think that it’s very time consuming and a waste. I’ve heard some say that the reason prices increase is because of shoplifters and customers using coupons. I laughed. Shoplifters, of course but coupon shoppers NO! It’s amazing how negative people respond when they don’t have a clue how something works and for the most part, they don’t care to learn about it.

I’ve experienced those kind in the Network Marketing Industry. They think it’s all an illegal pyramid and don’t care to learn any different.

They complain about others getting paid from their work. The truth – that’s life. When you purchase a vehicle the dealers name is plastered on the back and sometimes on both the back and front of the vehicle especially those free license plates! The boss man or company owner get paid every time an employee produces or provides service. The small business owner have to pay for loans and services to start the business and for vendors.

Everyone is here to serve and someone always get paid from our work! That’s LIFE!!

Q. Okay if we have to live with it and since we can’t beat the system of reaping and sowing what should we do?


Learn how it’s possible to save SOOoooo much money you’ll get actually get sick and tired of putting 0.00 to 0.00 or more back into your pockets, bank account, college fund, special non-profit, church or girl scout club etc.

Enough said. In the “Authors” section the truth is revealed.

You don’t have to wait on the .00 bag days anymore

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