Home Business Scams Abound- Don’t be a Victim

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

Home Business Scams Abound- Don’t be a Victim

Whether you have already started a home business or are thinking of starting a home business you need to read this.

All over the Internet home business scams are everywhere. Sometimes it is fairly obvious that what you are looking at is a scam and other times it can look pretty legitimate. Those scam artists can be a sneaky bunch.

Even if you have just joined a home business and are not sure if it is legitimate or not it is not too late. Better to find out now before you get more time and more money involved in something that may never pay off.

Case in point:

A very good friend of mine joined a business selling chocolate that has a natural herb in it. The product is AMAZING! She shared with me the chocolates and I loved how I felt while taking them for about six months.

The problem came in when her sponsor who had a huge down-line in this company found out that there were rumors that it was not paying it’s members. In doing more research she found out that it looked to be true. She believed this with enough certainty that she warned her members and she quit giving up the large down-line that she had worked so hard to build

My friend had trusted this sponsor as she had known her for some time so she had been spending 0 a month just on the product and then another 0 a month on advertising.

How much did she make? Nothing! They never paid her a cent.

Considering how great their product is I never would have dreamed that this home business is a scam. But, no matter how great the product is and home business that costs you over 0 a month and never pays you is NOT a home business that you want to be involved in.

What is the moral of this story?

Do your due diligence.

The best thing for you to do is perform a search on a search engine for that home business. Read anything that looks authoritative. If you find a lot of people talking about how great the business is and that they have actually gotten paid then this might be the home business for you.

But WAIT! Next go and do another search which includes the word ‘scam’ in in. Then see what results you get from that. Remember that some people will scream scam if they want to make a business look bad that may be encroaching into their business. But, if you see a LOT of people that are complaining about not being paid then you might want to rethink getting into this particular home business.

When you find a home business that has a good track record then you can pretty safely assume that this would be a good home business for you to get involved in.

If the business has been around for years, has always paid on time and has a service or product that people either need or want that is a good sign.

Other good signs that you have found the home business that will be right for you:

If this is also something that you can see yourself being proud to tell people about

If work you do today will continue to pay when you are unable to work- RESIDUAL INCOME!

If you can pass it on to your children

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on scams. There ARE some really great home businesses that fit the criteria listed here. Don’t settle for anything less.

Would you like to find out more about choosing a home business, avoiding scams. and more?

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