Commercial Vehicle Financing – own a vehicle with easier loan

Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

Commercial vehicle financing allows you to buy the vehicle for the purpose of your business. Such vehicles can be used to send the goods from the company’s factory to other places for its sales. These vehicles can be useful in number of ways, though all of them are bought to carry huge amount of goods to distant place.  The financing can be availed for light and heavy commercial vehicle as is the requirement.


Usually, a loan for the vehicle for commercial purposes is a secured loan as a huge amount of loan is involved. The lenders would not like to take many risks. Hence, you should be prepared to provide a high value property to take out the loan for commercial vehicle of your choice. Another aspect to be noted is that your credit history will play a crucial loan in deciding the cost of loan for you in terms of interest rates. So, take out free copies of your credit report and check it to eliminate the errors in it.


Commercial vehicle financing is generally given against the very vehicle that you intend to buy. Papers of the vehicle will be with the lender as collateral, while you can continue using the vehicle for commercial purposes. After complete repayment of the loan, you can get back the papers. The loan amount will not exceed the market price of the vehicle. Moreover, the repayment duration will set for a short-term as the vehicles tend to loose market price over the years.


In case of your bad credit history, you can still take out the finance for the vehicle, if you can prove your repayment capability. You should look for bad credit financing if you carry multiple cases of late payments, defaults, CCJs and arrears.


Commercial vehicle financing requires you to make a sizeable down payment to the lender. The down payment usually is twenty percent of the total loan amount. But the more is the down payment, the easier will be the loan for your circumstances. With bad credit history, down payment can be more useful in not only fast approval of the loan but also in lowering of interest rates.

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