Debt Management Programs – Pros And Cons Of Professional Debt Relief Help

Written by admin on November 26th, 2010

A lot of people look at debt management plans favorably and see them as ways to effectively reduce the colossus of debt that they have accumulated over the years. Going to debt management companies is one of the last options a man has left before filing for bankruptcy and a lot of times these companies save the person from the brink of a financial disaster. Debt management plans are tailor made for the individual and help suggest a proper, step-by-step routine to reduce the debt, which the person has accumulated. Hence debt management plans have gained a lot of popularity of late. But, what are the debt management plan pros and cons? This article will give you in detail the pros and cons of debt management plan.

Pros and Cons Of Debt Management Plan

Is a debt management plan a good idea? Here’s some help for you to evaluate the debt management plan pros and cons.

Pros of Debt Management Plan
The biggest plus in favor of debt management and credit counseling is that it will in all probability mitigate the chances of a bankruptcy. If your debts are effectively managed by a good enough company, then you won’t have to file for bankruptcy and with sound financial management, you will be able to bounce back from the current position.
Secondly, if you choose the best debt management program, it will in all probability stop creditor harassment. So unless the creditor is a sadistic fellow, who derives pleasure out of annoying you, he probably will stop calling once he sees that you’re making an effort to pay his money back and proceed to harass his other debtors.
In this article on debt management plan pros and cons, we certainly cannot ignore that at the end of a successful debt management drive, you will be able to completely manage your funds admirably well and since it will push all your debts under one umbrella, it will be easier to pay everything off.
And of course, the fact that you are systematically downsizing your debts will no doubt relax your mind and reduce your stress. You will have that happy feeling that your debts are getting reduced and your finances have been rescued from the precipice of financial disaster.

Cons of Debt Management Plan
The first con is that none of your debt gets canceled. A debt management plan can only clear your debt, but not reduce it. But then again, it is ridiculous to expect so, unless of course you have the ability to convince your creditor to make a loss off you.
When you’re on a debt management plan, your credit score doesn’t improve immediately and stays low. Hence, your interest rate for extra debts will be higher driving up your cost of debt.
One of the biggest disadvantages of a debt management plan is that you will not be able to accept any secured debt and will have to use only unsecured debt. Not only is unsecured debt harder to avail, but it is also charged at a higher interest rate.
As awesome and utile as debt management services may be, they come at a substantial price and a person in financial dire straits, may not always be able to afford such extravagant fees, however badly he may need the service.

So this was all about debt management plan pros and cons. Now debt management plans may have their share of cons, but then again, it is something very important – a lesser evil – as compared to what you may have to face if you choose not to take a debt management plan.

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