Car Rental in India – Money Saving Tips

Written by admin on November 27th, 2010

You might understand industry terms if you are looking for a renting a car at affordable price. You might understand how fees are calculated. Hiring a vehicle can be very confusing and even expensive if you don’t plan for it ahead of time. If you have a poor driving record, hiring a vehicle may be a matter of tough job. Here are some money saving tips to consider and questions to ask when you make a reservation for a rental car.

Size of Car & Your Budget

Before making a reservation of a rental car, you might think about the size you need. Also you might think about the budget. Think well, how much you can spend. It will be helpful to avoid making a hurried or expensive decision that you may feel regret later.

Getting Price Estimates

Call and get estimates from many vehicle rental agencies. You may check rates through your travel agent. Ask about special offers and discounts. Many rental agencies offer special offers and discounts on weekends and special occasions. Don’t forget to ask about restrictions on special offers.

Driving Record

Many vehicle agencies in India check driving records of their customers. If you have poor driving records or don’t meet the standard of rental agency, you may be disqualified. So it is advisable that you might ask your vehicle hire agency or travel agent well in advance whether you driving records will be checked. In the case of your poor driving records, agency may recommend you for hiring a car with chauffeur.

Ask about Hidden or Extra Charges

It is very important to ask in advance about hidden or extra charges. Otherwise you many have expensive vehicle rental experience. In general, make each and everything crystal clear to avoid expensive experience.

Understand the Terms & Charges

You might understand terms of the rental agency and how fees are calculated. So before signing your vehicle rental agreement, ask about charges. This will help you save money and avoid arguments when the time of paying your bill.

Choose Local Car Rental Agency

Many big companies many charges high price on your vehicle rental needs. If you reserve a car from local agency, you may save money. Local agencies also have expertise knowledge of particular destinations and their chauffer may assist you as an expert guide. For instance, you are traveling in Rajasthan; you should reserve a vehicle from a reputed car rental in Rajasthan. If you are traveling in Delhi, you should hire a vehicle from a reputed car rental in Delhi. If you are traveling in Agra, you should hire a car from a reputed car rental in Agra. Surly you will be cost-effective vehicle rental and travel experience by hiring a vehicle of your choice with a local vehicle rental agency.

These are few money saving tips on vehicle rental in India. These tips will help you choosing a right vehicle on your next travel in India at economical rate. So follow these tips before making reservation of a car on your travel in India.

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